The brand Marni is still relatively unknown to a lot of people. Usually when I say Marni, people go 'huh? You mean Armani?' No! I mean MARNI. And if you still don't know which brand Marni is, after I mentioned it so many times in this blog, then you really need to pay more attention.

Marni's style admittingly does not appeal to a lot of people. It leans towards the crafty, quirky style. And I'll even admit that the Marni clothes are in general hard to wear, (unless you have a supermodel figure.) And the prices are definately high. But still, the Marni style manages to blend creativity and the lady style so well that its always worth the time just to have a look.

Spring/Summer 05:

Fall/Winter 05:

Marni's shop decore is absolutely FABULOUS and very unique. It usually consists of bent silver rails with items hung sparsely, and there are also a few special selected items which hang from the ceiling. Marni clothes and accessories are very lovely -funky and lady-like; casual and still stylish.

Let's take a global Marni trip:



New York

PS. Mary Kate was just seen shopping at Marni in Paris and New York a few weeks ago.

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