The Fashionable "Claire's" The Fashionable "Claire's"

Having compared shopping notes with Harrods Girl, I have come up with the conclusion that we need a much more fashionable version of Claire&...

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Bag Trends Spring / Summer 2005 Bag Trends Spring / Summer 2005

Ah yes, after I had featured a few key trends for spring/summer 2005, how could it not be time to finally feature bags ? This season, big b...

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Intellectually Fashionable Intellectually Fashionable

There is a common misconception in this society that people who are interested in and follow fashion are "fashion victims". They...

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Behind the Fashion Scene Behind the Fashion Scene

Find out more about "I am Fashion" at Behind the Fashion Scene .

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Kate Moss for Burberry Prorsum Kate Moss for Burberry Prorsum

I was so excited to see the new Burberry Prorsum advertisement in the March issue of InStyle. The advertisement features Kate Moss, my othe...

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Spring/Summer 2005 Throw-Aways Spring/Summer 2005 Throw-Aways

With so many media and fashion houses telling you what is in style , it seems you are never informed of what is out of style . Yes, we und...

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The Simple Life 3: The Intern The Simple Life 3: The Intern

So the much anticipated reality show finally premiered last night, and it was to my opinion, getting a little bit redundant. I mean, people ...

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Haute Couture Finale Haute Couture Finale

Yes, unfortunately the haute couture show this season is only 3 days, with the absence of the likes of Versace, Ungaro, Balmain and Hanae Mo...

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Haute Couture Day 2 Haute Couture Day 2

Day two of Haute Couture Week Spring 2005 included shows by Chanel, Christian Lacroix, Laurent Mercier and Ralph Ricci . Chanel Karl Lagerf...

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Haute Couture Week Spring 2005 Kicks Off Haute Couture Week Spring 2005 Kicks Off

So Haute Couture Week has arrived in Paris, and I'm sure all of you are just breathless in anticipation to see some of these one of a k...

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Happy Birthday, Mischa! Happy Birthday, Mischa!

Barneys Girl and I want to say happy birthday to Mischa Barton ! It is her 19th birthday today(although she looks more mature than 19.) B...

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