So as it turns out, first impressions are not always the correct impression. The next day, after a sumptuous breakfast, we took a little tour of our hotel.

Ah, the Beverly Hilton. Its really a lovely hotel, newly renovated and very spacious and the service of course, was excellent. They even have a free limousine service that u can reserve to take you to any destination. How cool is that? While we were there, we witnessed many an important events held at the International ballroom there, completed with beautiful dresses, gorgeous cars and even the paparazzi! And no wonder really, for this IS where the Golden Globes are held every year. So naturally I couldn't resist, and managed to sneak into the International ballroom in between events, and took a picture! :D Yes, right there in the room where the above picture was taken-well except with less people and all. . . . but anywho, that was really cool.

Another very cool thing included us driving pass the Director's Guild and seeing actors/actresses from Desperate Housewives going into some event. Again there were paparazzi, screaming fans, red carpet just like u see on tv! Incidently, it took me a while to recognize Felicity Huffman. For a while she looked like a passerby, since she was dressed so normally and boringly. Sorry, was passing by too quickly to take a pic!

The other very exciting star spotting was when we drove pass Hollywood and the Honeymooner's premier. It was awesome. Just like the movies. With fans on one side of the road, except i was even closer because we were on the road and they were right next to me literally! I took this pic myself! (although I don't know who the casts were)

I am also very impressed with the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, where Pretty Woman was filmed. I loved the elegant, old England decoration, and the superior service. We had tea there and it was absolutely delicious! The atmosphere was fabulous too, with real live person playing the piano, excellent service and did I mention the decoration? Not to mention that right outside the hotel is. . .

Rodeo Drive! Oh wow, populated with all the brands I can ever imagine, it was just heaven! Everything was most impressively displayed, and oh my, Ralph Lauren had a FORREST of an entrance!! Not that I can afford to shop there, but its definitely an experience!

Sigh. . . I LOVE LA. I must sound soo starstruck to you all who live in LA!! But its my first time there!!!!

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