It seems like every summer when you flick through magazines there will be at least one feature or fashion shoot that centres around the nautical look. This season, yes, the nautical look is 'in', again. But luckily, for once, there is actually a wide variety of selection which won't make you look like a cheesy sailor or navy, (thank goodness!)

The point is NOT to look totally nautical. The point this season is the nautical influences blending into some of this season's trends. I know that a lot of you probably still don't exactly get how to wear the look, especially how to mix it with this season's little quirks. So I dug out a few inspiration photos for you all from the S/S05 catwalks.

(All) Alexander McQueen is definately one of the unique stars in the fashion scene nowadays. He does the trend in a way like no other designers. Here, it is a nautical-infleunced school girl look. All the clothes are cut so precisely and stylishly. On the third image, the model is wearing a boho sort of white short dress underneath the blazer. The boots are stylish, but not quite suitable for the hot summer.

(L) Whenever magazines mention the nautical look for this season, this dress shows up. And of course, which magazine can resist the oppurtunity to mention a Chloe dress this season? This dress really is so pretty and casual.(R) The Chloe nautical jacket in this image is actually really nice, (but the photo doesn't zoom in enough for you to see it.) It's got blue stripes in different directions on it. Try to check out a nearby Chloe boutique, or in the Jan issue of American Vogue if you have it.

Both of these show you how to make use of the belt to make the nautical look appear more sophisticated and lady-like. This is more suitable for those who like to dress more mature. (L) Dries van Noten. (R) Stella McCartney.

These two images show how different the nautical influenced looks can be. (L) This mix-matched look is by Marc by Marc Jacobs. Learn from the Accessories Designer of the Year how to use accessories to make this nearly blue look more interesting. Even not-totally-nautical-influenced accessories are allowed! (R) All American take on the nautical look by Tommy Hilfiger. That skirt is so obviously nautical-influenced. This is a good look if you have dinner at your country club or to wear to work.

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