The 2005 July issue of Harper's Bazaar has named Ashley Olsen as the new fashion it girl. Can the Bazaar get any slower? Both the twins have been 'it' girls ever since two years ago after they have grown out of their awkward teenage phase, (or argueably, they have been 'it' girls since they were nine months old.) Has this blog not been tracking their fantastic fashion since like, we started blogging?

So why why why is Bazaar only naming Ash as the fashion 'it' girl when it is usually MK who gets the 'fashion icon' label and really, wasn't the whole appeal of the Olsen twins that there are TWO of them? It's probably something the editors at Bazaar want you to forget, but the only reason why only one Olsen is on the cover is because Mary Kate refuses to be in it. And quite understandably so since the only thing that anyone cares about is how bony she is today, the poor girl. Ash being the smart sazzy business woman she is, decides that a classy Bazaar cover would help boost sales of their Mary Kate and Ashley fashion and (brand new) furniture lines, so there she is.

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So since Bazaar only managed to snag one Olsen, SHE is the new fashion it girl. You have got to marvel at the power of clever backscene editorial planning of Bazaar. But on a serious note, go buy the issue when it hits the stand at the end of June. The photos are beautiful, and Ash really is a darling.

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