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After last month's *insert super British accent* ghastly British Vogue cover -the one with Cate Blanchett on the cover, -this month's cover is GORGEOUS. Look at the beautiful scenery, with that very artistic tree. And look at the British model Lily Cole in that cute dress by Louis Vuitton, making her first solo cover.

I think there are a few months in a year, the months which are sort of in between seasons, which fashion magazines don't know what to talk about. So those issues tend to have a low supply of new fashion ideas. This July issue is one of those. And by the way, I hate that feature of Little Britain, even if it is shot by the super famous Mario Testino. BUT still, I HIGHLY recommend people buying this issue, (and no, I don't work in the Vogue Advertising Dept.)

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There are more than ten pages from this photoshoot of Lily Cole. The whole collection of photos more than makes up for the lack of new fashion ideas. The photos are all taken at fabulous locations and the color coordination is so happy and brilliant. This is definately one of my favourite fashion features since I started to read British Vogue.

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There is also another of collection featuring funky shades. Is this photo (the one above) super fantastic or what? And we quote "Big is beautiful when it comes to sunglasses this summer." Also another artistic and faaabulous feature. Go see it yourself!

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