Prada Vernice Sfumata Pump Prada Vernice Sfumata Pump

Prada's accessories are always one of the first brands I look at in's accessories preview. Afterall, Prada's accessori...

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HG's LA Trip II HG's LA Trip II

After yesterday's not-too-positive post about LA's food, I'll move onto LA's shopping today! I stayed at Beverly Wilshire so...

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HG's LA Trip I HG's LA Trip I

Today I just wanted to give everyone a quick look at my LA trip. Last week, I stayed in LA for a week suppsedly helping my sister move into ...

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Teen Choice Awards 2007 Fashion Teen Choice Awards 2007 Fashion

Hey people, so sorry for the uber late posts. I'm at my aunt's house in San Francisco at the moment and the internet connection is s...

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Paul and Joe Beaute: Autumn 2007 Paul and Joe Beaute: Autumn 2007

First of all, I'd like to say that I am by no means impressed by the quality of Paul & Joe make-up. But I AM very impressed by their...

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Beach Party Wear Beach Party Wear

This weekend I went to a beach party that goes from day to night and onwards into the next morning. Personally, I've never been to a hug...

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The DvF Wrap Dress The DvF Wrap Dress

Everyone knows about the Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress. Everyone who loves fashion anyway. It is the legendary dress that is perfect for ...

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Shiseido Maquillage Neo Climax Lip Shiseido Maquillage Neo Climax Lip

A year ago, I've decided to abstain from buying any lip-related makeup products because I hardly ever apply anything other than lip balm...

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Buberry Scarves FW06-07 Buberry Scarves FW06-07

Burberry seems to be getting that we're all a bit over the classic plaid scarf. One can only have so many plaid scarves in multiples col...

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FW07 Ads: Back To Classics FW07 Ads: Back To Classics

For fashionholics, one of the funnest thing about flipping through Sept. issues of magazines are the new FW07 ads. As we all know, magazine ...

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Avril Lavigne Concert 2007 Avril Lavigne Concert 2007

Yesterday HG and I went to the Avril Lavigne concert in Hong Kong. We were both very excited because we've been listening to her since C...

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My US Shopping List My US Shopping List

I'm off to my annual San Francisco (plus LA this time) trip this Sunday and I'm now in the process of researching about LA and compi...

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