So I was talking about the nautical look yesterday. Remember that is it not Halloween so don't dress like a navy form head to toe. To help you out, here are some tips:

- This year it's all about mixing the trends: Mix the goddess look with the nautical look, or match a boho piece with blue shorts. Striped blazer with a bow is great for outerwear.
- To look extra stylish, focus on white, gold and blue. Gold is only for accessories or small details on the clothes.

- The aim is to look YOUNG and even sophisticated, so use light-colored makeup. For example, pale pink lip gloss with very light eyeshadow (such as shimmery white,) OR light layer of dark eyeshadow (such as blackish bronze color.)

Here are a few nautical-influenced picks:

(L) This Lux white crochet tank is great as it blends the crochet trend with the nautical look. It can be worn loose, or tie a belt around it. (R) Then, wear a striped blazer on top, like this Marc Jacobs pinstrips rosette blazer. The stripes on this blazer is quite well designed, if you notice the directions of the stripes.

(L) Perhaps if you live in a place where the summer is hot, this white Larok cap sleeve jacket is more suitable. The slightly puffed up sleeves give it a more tailored look. (R) One of my top nautical pick's this summer is this pair of Cacharel striped shorts. It's absolutely perfect for this summer's feel.

Many times, only an experienced fashion eye, (or in my case, spending lots of time finding these items,) these two pairs of navy pants look the same. If you look carefully, the Marc Jacobs cropped pants (L) is more tailored for a more polished look, white the Vanessa Bruno cropped pants (R) is more suitable when you want to appear super casual.

(L) Another good choice is white cropped pants, such as this Susana Monaco one. (R) As mentioned before, gold accessories go best this season. Try long gold necklaces, such as a charm necklace. The one shown is from Intuition.

This Chloe vanity case bag is soooo pretty and perfect for the nautical-influenced look, with the gold and brown leather parts. Of course, most of us can't actually afford it, but use it as an inspiration!

For your feet, wear flat sandals, such as this one from Intuition. (Does this not remind you of the Prada design?) Or wear...

wedged sandals such as this leather wooden sandal from Urban Outfitters. This style is seen in the high end brands like Miu Miu and Marni. And the best thing is that it not only goes with the nautical look, but also all the other look this season!

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