I know, the Lancome Juicy Tube has been around for AGES now. I was not enamored of it and had not been struck with an incredible need to own it unlike some people I know, when it first came out. But after so many raving reviews from everyone around me (both online and in real life) I finally gave into the urge and bought the new Juicy Tubes: Mood in Glamorous. My reason is either THAT or the prettiness of the tube and their new summer color ad. I'm not sure if they have it in the US, because I found this on the Lancome Japan site, so it might just be a Asia thing (like their Lancome Homme). Anyhow, its part of their Summer 2005 collection and it has a bit of a sweet cherry taste to it.

But anyway, I'm sure all Juicy Tubes are the same with slight variations. My verdict? I am not impressed. There is a little color, it gives my lips a bit of shine, is slightly less sticky then my Mac lipgloss and the slanted applicator idea is a stroke of marketing genius. I guess its good for everyday use. But overall its not all what everyone is making it out to be. I mean, I can definitely do without it and still be happy with my MAC clear lipglass.

Its just SO shiny and glossy! I adore it. Although it IS a bit sticky at times, but no ones perfect right?

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