Hey Darlings, I'm back from my mini-post-finals-holiday in LA! Not back to Chicago, but back home where I have internet access at all times (albeit a very slow one). This was my first time in LA, and even though I was only there for little less than 2 days, it has left quite an impression on me. When we first arrived, we drove around and did our touristy duty passing by the famous houses of Beverly Hills, Sunset Boulevard and of course- Hollywood. And to be honest, I was quite disappointed.
Ok, so the mansions at Beverly Hills look pretty. But its just not very exciting looking at it from outside, in a moving car and through the gated fence and the super high hedges. Not quite as fun as those shows on TV where they actually show u the inside.
Next we passed through Sunset Boulevard, which I read is supposed to be quite the touristy place. Maybe it is and I just didn't have time to tour it properly. But driving pass it by car, it did not motivate me to leap out of the car to explore it in the first place. To me, it looked just like another LA street, which btw I am not very impressed by. Being a city girl, I was unused to seeing such short old buildings and dirty streets, with everything worth going miles and miles apart.
Then our next stop was Hollywood. Somehow, I've been giving the impression that Hollywood is all that glamorous. But I was sorely disappointed. I wasn't even aware I'd entered Hollywood until i was told. Did not see the famous Hollywood sign. And the Kodak Cinema looked like the entrance to a mall (was I looking at the right building?) and it was basically again, just another LA street, except this one had stars on the pavement. I feel so misled.
Before i went, I was also told that Beverly Center is a GREAT mall to shop at. So I was all psyched to go shopping there. And again I was sorely disappointed. It was deserted, many stores were closed because they were having electricity problems and it looked just like any other mall one would expect to find in suburbia. I mean, it had many stores that I love, like AX, Lacoste and Bloomies, but there just is NO point going to one in LA. My trip ended up with me buying stuff from brands that I could've gotten anywhere in the States. Not that I don't love them, but still. Wish I had time to explore Melrose Street and visit Intuition and Fred Segal. Oh and should u want to go to a mall in LA, I recommend Century City at Beverly Hills. I like the out in the open atmosphere there more.

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