The day I have been waiting for ever since the season has started, that's right -the official first day of the Spring/Summer 05 sales is FINALLY here! Yes, that's TODAY! A few desperate shops would have been on sale before today, but this week is when most shops go on sale. Here's the scoop (mostly UK):

Harrods: Today -opens from 9am-9pm. Go crazy UK people! Harrods usually pays a celeb to do a mini open ceremony in the morning. Last season sale in Dec, it was Christina Aguilera. Wonder who it will be this year.

Selfridges: Wed. -oh gosh, no matter how much I dread crowds -and what a scary crowd of crazy shoppers Selfriges would be packed with that day -I still MUST haul myself there. A little tip for you: there's an "Extra 10% coupon" which you can print off from the Selfridges website, and can be used on 23rd(Thur) -26th June. Now the big question is this: Should I wait an extra sale day to get that item I have been eyeing for, for the benefit of an extra 10% but with the danger of it being bought off on Wed? What a brilliant but cruel sales tactic Selfridges employs.

High Street Shops in general: Right, to be honest, I haven't been bothered to find this out. Because shopping high street on a normal day (Oxford Circus) is sort of a bad enough thought as it is with the unbelievable number of people around. Shopping on a sale day is just not thinkable for me. Nothing on high street is worth the possiblity of getting stampeeded. Hm, well on another thought, I might have a look around for the jewelry in Top Shop, only because it is on the top floor and I don't feel too trapped there.

US High end: Don't really know when. Last heard, Bloomies was on private sale. And since the Neiman Marcus site just had its first small wave of sale last week, the wonderful expensive shops should go on sale this week or the next. So hold onto your credit cards for a bit longer!

US High Street: Think most of them have been on sale for a few weeks already (how desperate of them). Such as Urban Outfitters, A&F, American Eagle Outfitters, Gap...... The list is endless so get out there yourself and prepare yourself to look fashionable for this summer.

Shopping sales is not an easy task as there are always lots of confliction and things to consider. Come back tomorrow for advice on what to buy and some recommendations. I'm off now, (for work and shopping, what else?)

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