OK, so technically, my dream job (and most people's,) isn't exactly to be a saleslady. But one must remember there are GREAT benefits to being a saleslady. Mainly, you get shopping discount. And depending on location and which employer, the pay isn't too bad for such a brainless job, (no offence, and I'm only referring to the simplest type of retailing here.) I know a lot of teenagers/ friends who work in clothes store as a part time job. (Barneys Girl dream part time job is to be a saleslady at Urban Outfitters.)

Here's some scoop that we got:
  • Abercrombie & Fitch (US): Employees get to choose one item for FREE in each new shipment. AND they get 30% off when they shop there.
  • Guess (US): Employees get 30% off discount when shopping in Guess.
  • Gap (UK): Rumour has it that employees get a big 50% discount!

So if you're going to work there, you should really like that shop's clothes because you're going to be wearing it A LOT, whether you're working or hanging out. It's cool (and not so cool, depending on your view,) when I go into Urban Outfitters here in the UK, and can't even tell who are the saleslady and who are the customers because they dress so UO-casual!!

And if you think you would rather work in a prestigous-looking department store rather than work in a high street shop like A&F or Top Shop, think again! I talked to the saleslady serving me and my mum last summer in a posh department store, and she was telling us how strict the management is. She's not allowed to have more than one piercing on her ears, (and obviously no piercing anywhere else on her body,) AND she's not allowed to have her hair too curly, (the super curly bomber style.)

Last summer, when I passed by a Gucci boutique, I saw the group of employees being briefed with that day's sales aims, new items and news in general. It all looked very serious indeed. So think twice if you think retail isn't a serious job.

But working in a clothes store still makes an awesome summer/ part-time job, so go for it! And if it's your full time job, I hear that you eventually get much more involved in managing the shop, rather than just folding clothes.

And if you were wondering, then no: retailing in a clothes store is NOT my work experience.

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