I know I've already told you about this being a white hot summer, but when it comes to white, there is always the "correct" and "incorrect" way of wearing it-since it is such a see-through color! More specifically, I would like to talk about the correct way of wearing white pants like these gorgeous ones below:

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From Diesel and Trina Turk respectively. These look gorgeous don't they? Think how easy it is to match them with essentially ANYTHING. White pants are practically the denim of summer! Unfortunately its not quite as simple as that. Either people don't care or they're doing it delibrately because they think its sexy, but it is simply NOT chic to wear dark lacy panty lined underwear underneath white pants for the world to see. Whatever they tell you, it is simply NOT done! People do NOT want to know what you have on underneath- fashion wise anyways. So here are a few suggestions:

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These are my personal favourites from Triumph. Its not that popular a brand in the States, but we love it in Asia because it caters to the small figures of Asian women. They are a bit high- think they DO have low waisted- but the idea is that it is nearly the same color as your skin AND it has completely NO panty lines. Trust me on this one. Its perfect for wearing white AND incidently for skintight dresses too-I wore these for my prom.

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More internationally, we have this string bikini from the second skin satin collection of Victoria's Secret. I think the collection name is pretty self explanatory.

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And then there is this bikini from Jockey's. They are moderately priced AND these are from their "No Panty Line Promise" collection, so no worries there! And of course NOT black. I just couldn't find a beige or white picture of it. They white and beige ARE available online go check them out yourselves!

So next time you wear white pants, PLEASE check what you're wearing underneath first!

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