Haven't been on the Urban Outfitter's site for a while- after going on more than once a day and memorizing the whole catalog and noticing the smallest changest in price and items I decided thats pretty sad and restrained myself. But I couldn't help noticing that the pretty pink skirt this girl in my hall was wearing looked familar and realized that it was the one I'd been eye-ing at UO.

This is what it looks like except her's is pink, which I think is ultimately the better color for this style. Its very nice and flare-y too. Its currently on sale for $24, I don't know, I think it can go down more. Look at the frayed hems indicating bad quality and lots of stock.

I think this skirt is really nice too. Probably better quality.. . Oh and look! I hava that tank the model is wearing with this skirt! Could this be a sign? (ugh not the shoes though, definitely not the shoes, in fact ignore those shoes, they do not exist on this picture, she is barefooted!)

And since I am molding in my room all weekend studying for finals, I am missing the A&F clearance sale going on, probably selling away my white denim jeans and my shrug. So as compensation for my hardwork, I was thinking of these two shrug. On the left is from Free People and the right is Lux. Free People is definitely more summery, and like late gothic art-completely decorative with no function. The Lux one is warmer and all, but looks a bit boring. .. . . ah the choices one has to make.

And of course now that I'm on the UO site I'm not going to stop without a thorough search to see if there are new things. And BINGO. They have new shoes. Are they not adorable? I seriously have a thing for kitten heels. I'm particularly like the black satin ballet shoes on the left, it would look sooo cute with skirts and everything!

So despite all temptations I managed to make myself stay in this weekend and not go downtown so I can study study study. And look what I ended up doing. . . .

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