Rock the Black Blazer Rock the Black Blazer

I love love love blazers. My very first staple outerwear was a black blazer. Although I now realise it was a bit too big on me, my love for ...

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Chloe Shades SS07 Chloe Shades SS07

Ever since I saw the latest Chloe shades at Nordstrom back in March, I've been in LOVE with them. They are flattering, girly, fun and mo...

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Eye Lash Perming Eye Lash Perming

Yesterday evening, BG and I went to do something really girly together -we got our eye lashes permed. For those of you who have never heard ...

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SS07 Trend: Printed Shorts SS07 Trend: Printed Shorts

I've never been much of a shorts fan growing up, but I'm currently LOVING my white shiny short shorts from Express. While it is eas...

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The Natural Look The Natural Look

I've always been into the natural look, you know, that made-up-natural-look that has been the trend in recent years (-or at least as lon...

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Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape Concert 2007 Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape Concert 2007

After 6 months of waiting (yes, I bought the tickets as soon as it came out- and yet I still had less than ideal seats....) I FINALLY went t...

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One Of My Random Outfits... One Of My Random Outfits...

Just wanted to post an outfit I wore for a Friday night out a few weeks ago: Simple black dress from Uniqlo, which I only discovered recentl...

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MAC Brow Clear Finisher MAC Brow Clear Finisher

One of my many lazy traits is that I don't like plucking my eye brows too much. Many girls I know pluck them into these perfect and narr...

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SS07: Neon Bright Colors on the Street SS07: Neon Bright Colors on the Street

A few weeks ago I took note of the neon bright colors on the runway . But in reality, how many of us are going to go out dressed like one of...

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YSL Costume Jewelry SS07 YSL Costume Jewelry SS07

Awhile ago, I've started to think typical costume jewelry from brand-named stores like Dior and Vuitton as unstylish. Think of those typ...

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Usually the only thing I like about FCUK are their FCUK tshirts, because they're just so cool that way. Definitely an improvement from t...

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