Du Juan in FW06 Ads Du Juan in FW06 Ads

Du Juan (Nationality: Chinese)-The first Asian model to really break out. Hye Park (Nationality: Korean) was already considered successful...

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Nara Camicie Nara Camicie

In Milan, besides Prada stores everywhere, on every other street there are also stores by this brand called " Nara Camicie " every...

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FW06 Bag Trend: The Hip Ones FW06 Bag Trend: The Hip Ones

Before I start ooh and ahhing, I want to emphasise that these bags are this season's hip bags, the cool ones. Note that these aren'...

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FW06 Trend: Winter Hats FW06 Trend: Winter Hats

I was about to devote a blog on how much I love all the winter beanies just floating around everywhere this season and recommend a few that ...

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This Week HG is Loving... This Week HG is Loving...

2 Things this week: Ashley Olsen at the Teen Vogue cover party and Nicole Richie's brunette do. Ashley looks absolutely AMAZING. That Ca...

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BG's Paris Diary: Week 8 BG's Paris Diary: Week 8

Since there has been an overload of "Paris Diaries" lately, I figured I'd make this one more focused. So this week, I am going...

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Mademoiselle Parasuco Mademoiselle Parasuco

Its Thanksgiving! Too bad they don't celebrate it over here in Paris, because even though this is a fairly new holiday for me to celebra...

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FW06 Trend: Ankle Boots FW06 Trend: Ankle Boots

This season they amp-ed up the classic ankle boots usually worn under jeans (for me anyway) to a fashion must have designed to be seen! On t...

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BG's Paris Diary Week 7: Part II BG's Paris Diary Week 7: Part II

So to finish off my week 7 diary, here is an account of Venice and Geneva. After a 3 hour ride in a cabinet styled train (as in Anastasia- ...

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