Dear Mary Kate & Ashley and XXL-shades and trademark coffee,

Happy Birthday, my favourite fashionable darlings! Hope both of you had a wonderful freshman year at NYU. Even though it has been sad to see both of you grow apart this year, (and I still don't understand why you two didn't move into that HUGE penthouse, apart from the millions of profit you accidently made of course,) I'm sure you two will figure out a way to work out your relationship. Not like you have much choice if you want your tween business to continue to grow. And please, you guys really are adults now, instead of selling 3-8 yrs old fashion, it may be time to start selling 8-13 yrs old clothes.

Oops, I wan't supposed to complain about you girls. Right, back to the point. So the lovely Olsens have influenced the fashion trends BIG WAY in their 18th year. The Balenciagas have come and gone under their lead. Even John Galliano has claimed that the Olsens' style has influenced the Dior FW2005 collection, (although I really don't see the influence.)

Mary Kate showed us how to be tiny in funky, creative bohemian outfits, (now termed bobo.) There has yet to be a celebrity able to top her funk or copy it properly. Pile on the layers, random oversized jewelry and vintage bags!

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MK walking around in NYU. Learn from her how to keep warm without wearing bulky jackets. And her ability to balance all that stuff with two lack muscle arms.

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MK wearing Imitation of Christ dress at the IoC fashion show. This is how to look casual and cool in a dress.

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MK even has an interesting look when walking her dog.

Ashley showed us how to look glamourous -whether it be a formal occasion or a casual outting. This twin is one of the few celebrities who manages to look down-to-earth (most of the time) and posh at the same time. Load on the blazers, dress shirts with tanks underneath and BIG name bags! (Many Bottegas, one LV)

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Ash is now 86% New York influenced. Notice how the tank top underneath makes her outfit look cool instead of stuffy. And of course, she's great at mix matching posh-looking accessories (like the necklaces.)

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Ash mixing this year's very trendy nautical influences with ethnic skirt. Her top looks glam & expensive, and made down to earth by her skirt and flip flops.

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A very recent photo of Ash shopping in NYC. Seriously STARE at this picture for awhile and you will see how Ash manages to mix a few fashion trends together with her own style.

Style on this year, oh-fashion-foward-millionaire-twins!

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