So Monday was the first day of the Harrods Summer Sale. This time, Brittany Murphy launched the sale. She arrived in true royal English style -sitting daintily in a horse-drawn carriage led by bagpipers and shielded herself from the sun with a matching parasol.
The Harrods Sale is a bi-annual national event which all Londoners race to Harrods in hope of snagging that precious brand-named item they have been eyeing on finally on sale. The first day was horrendous -my friends who attended reported that you had to line up to get into specific boutiques such as Dior. Gucci's mega-long queue extended from the store to around the corner, and out of Harrods. There was so many people one could hardly move.

So being the smart and slightly claustrophobic shopper that I am, I went to the Harrods sale on its second day, (yesterday.) I was amazed that there wasn't actually too many people there and I was able to breathe in fresh air and walk around quite freely. The sale was absolutely fabulous and had so much more to offer than I originally guessed.

First stop was the ground floor Dior boutique. But since I didn't need a new bag, I moved onto the second floor Prada boutique where I fell in love with a Prada shirt. It was black, with ribbons and beads all over it like a neckalce design. But alas, it was 198pounds. After much consideration, sensibility won over sense and I heartbrokenly put down the shirt.

I moved swiftly though many other brand named apperal sections, not finding anything interesting. Then I arrived at the shoe section, and boy was there lots of shoe-loving women there. After trying on many pairs of shoes and not particularly falling in love with any pair, I left and finally found the "international designer casual wear" section.

Yay! I FINALLY bought something.
First item is this Marc by Marc Jacobs T-shirt. It looks fantastic when being worn on a person, as opposed to just being folded. And most amazingly, they still had XS so I quickly snatched it up.

The second item was a white summer dress also by Marc by Marc Jacobs. (I love this brand too much.) Its fabric and design was quite sophisticated, and there is a row of buttons at the left-hand side to install the typical MJ-funkiness. (Unfortunately I could not find a photo to show you guys and the dress is already packed into my luggage so I could not take a photo of it.)

Lastly, I went back to the ground floor, where were baskets of Dior jewelery. I've wanted Dior jewelery for so long as they are great to wear to parties and clubs. I chose this necklace because it could be worn elegantly to posh places or worn not-so-elegantly to night events like clubbing. (Not to mention that it was a rare Dior jewelery that didn't look all too tacky.)

I was smiling the whole way home on the tube. A heart-felt productive day always has that effect on me.

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