Graduation Dresses II Graduation Dresses II

Of course my thoughts on graduation dresses could not all be expressed in just one post. I do love to overanalyze things and this is a topic...

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Nike Dri-FIT Technology Nike Dri-FIT Technology

When I was an early teen, I used to think sporty graphic t-shirts were the best. They were comfortable, matched with all my jeans and pants,...

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Cannes Festival Fashion 2008 Cannes Festival Fashion 2008

Now that Cannes is over, it is time to admire the dresses! Its not quite as fun to look at as the ones from the Costume Institute, but we g...

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Happy Memorial Day Happy Memorial Day

Finally, the Thanksgiving of the Spring/Summer season! I already took advantage of the opportunity on Thursday (when Bloomies had their Girl...

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Lanvin Flats Lanvin Flats

When the Lanvin flats became a hit back a year or so back, with people like Nicole Richie, wearing it everywhere in different colors, I did...

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Graduation Dresses I Graduation Dresses I

Four years ago, I never thought 2008 would ever come, let alone June 2008 (my graduation!). I'm not ready for the real world yet (I may ...

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Forever 21 Summer Dresses Forever 21 Summer Dresses

Now that SS08 is upon us (or at least it SHOULD be- I don't understand why it is still so cold!), I really want a very bright and colorf...

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In Vogue Book Giveaway - the Winners In Vogue Book Giveaway - the Winners

Congratulations to the winners (-you know who you are). Winners will all receive a copy of In Vogue: The Illustrated History of the World...

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Too Much Skin Too Much Skin

Now that the weather is finally warmer, everyone has been taking their summer dresses out for a stroll in the sun. And its nice. Adds a lot ...

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ANTM Cycle 10- Spoiler! ANTM Cycle 10- Spoiler!

Its hard to believe that it has already been 10 cycles, but it has. And frankly, I'm surprised I still watch it. It used to be exciting ...

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A Light Eye Cream A Light Eye Cream

I started using eye moisturiser when I first started using skincare. It's always been an important part of my skincare regime since the ...

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Cravat Shirt Cravat Shirt

The other week during the Bloomies sale, I was struck by a need to buy something- anything- just to take advantage of the "40% on top o...

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