Chic Orchid FOTD Chic Orchid FOTD

Hi everybody, I'm so sorry for the delay, it's raining cats and dogs today! For today's post, I am going to put some of Formula ...

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Formula D Minerals Swatches Formula D Minerals Swatches

Hola! El Gato Supremo was supposed to blog today but this morning, I found him outside sun bathing. I think he is aiming to play the Chesire...

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Multi-tasking to the Next Level! Multi-tasking to the Next Level!

Hi everybody! Thank you for your kind words on the opening of my Etsy shop . I really appreciate it! Today, I've been busy with all thin...

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Introducing Formula D Minerals Introducing Formula D Minerals

Hi everybody, I am so excited! Finally, after months of preparation, my Etsy shop finally opens! Ladies and gents, may I introduce Formula D...

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A Sneak Peak A Sneak Peak

Hi everybody, I hope your Earth Week has gone well so far. I can't wait for the weekend! Today, I am going to do something I've neve...

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Earth Day FOTD Earth Day FOTD

Hi everyone, It's Earth Day today! I hope with reading this blog throughout the week, you've gathered some tips to make your life gr...

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EcoTools Eye Brush Set: Eco-Chic and Fabulous! EcoTools Eye Brush Set: Eco-Chic and Fabulous!

Hi everybody, When it comes to environmentally friendly and reliable brushes, EcoTools get the gold star. Since I bought the EcoTools 6-piec...

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