SS08: Marc by Marc Jacobs SS08: Marc by Marc Jacobs

For the last few seasons (ever since they got into the "grunge" look), I have not been too impressed with the Marc by Marc Jacobs ...

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Spring/Summer Nail Varnish! Spring/Summer Nail Varnish!

Just when I found the perfect winter nail shade (just in case you were wondering, it is the Essie Sole Mate . It is the perfect rich deep da...

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Are Eco-Friendly Bags Worth It? Are Eco-Friendly Bags Worth It?

In my head, eco-friendly bags usuallt mean low-priced, off-white bags with some kind of save-the-earth type of message printed on it. Obviou...

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The Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism on eBay The Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism on eBay

Hey people, you know the pretty purple Nokia phone that I blogged about a few days ago and some of you have been wanting to buy it? Well you...

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Uniqlo UT Project 08 Uniqlo UT Project 08

Two weeks ago, the new Uniqlo ad in Grazia (a UK glossy tabloid) featuring Chloe Sevigny really caught my eye. I'm not a fan of Chloe...

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Clip on Bangs Clip on Bangs

For a while now, I've wondered what I'd look like with straight bangs. When I found out that my friend managed to avoid the whole &q...

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Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism

The Nokia PR machine has been sending out the new Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism to quite a few fashion bloggers lately, and we were one of the l...

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A Weekend in Boston A Weekend in Boston

Just when I was about to hit "Publish" last week a "Warning" sign popped up and claimed that the our blog had been LOCKE...

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H&M's Tribute to Marimekko H&M's Tribute to Marimekko

If you've been up-to-date with your online fashion news, you would have read that various blogs and sites are anticipating H&M's...

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Thank You Gifts Thank You Gifts

Due to limited resources and unlimited wants and the fact that we can't read each other's minds, a few years ago, my friends and I d...

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S/S08 Trend: Translating the Lanvin Ruffles S/S08 Trend: Translating the Lanvin Ruffles

Lanvin's S/S08 collection was one of my favourite S/S08 shows. I liked the vibrant colours, the ruffles, the way the silk dresses seeme...

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