Oh. my. gosh. What has the world come to?

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1. First, Nicole Richie is suddenly fashionable because she has shredded any ounce of cellulite off her body. Then today it was revealed that Nicole Richie will be featured in the new Marc Jacobs ad campaign. I am absolutely appalled at this! Appalled by no, not Nicole Richie, but at Marc Jacobs! His fashion IQ may be sky high, but his fashion morals needs to be fine tuned. As if making us suffer through the big celeb Vuitton campaigns is not enough, his own brand is now turning into yet another celeb circus. I suggest Marc go take lessons from the Italian fashion genius Miuccia. She always knows to choose the great models for her wonderful ad campaigns.

2. W magazine is finally getting more attention than other fashion magazines -by featuring a series of pictures of "the Hollywood's hottest couple". Yes, I know Brad is hot, and Angelina is hot; and Brad and Angelina appearing in the same pictures is mega-hot. But it is NOT hot for a divorcing man to parade around with the already tabloid-pegged-other-woman. Poor Jennifer! Oh, and I am sick of everyone blaiming the whole scandal on too-sexy-for-her-own-good Angelina or girl-next-door Jen for not agreeing to have babies. Can no one see that Mr. I'm-so-hot Pitt has done nothing to save the situation? Gees, at least wait for the divorce papers to go through.

3. People, calm down about Katie Holmes embracing Scientology. She's probably not too serious about her religious belief anyways. Afterall, how does one -being raised up Catholic -change so swiftly to one's boyfriend's religion? Which btw was founded in the 1950s by a science fiction writer who had once declared that the best way for a man to make money was to start his own religion. What this column's author is worried about is this question: Is it healthy to persue such an open relationship with a man who a) is 14 years older, b)has been divorced twice already, c) clearly has no control over his own actions, as demonstrated by his amazing performance on Oprah. Katie dear, please go find yourself a nice boy to date.

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