I have so many suggestions and ideas I'm going to have to keep my message brief. Basically, sales are great oppurtunities to a)stock up on basic items, b)indulge in that slightly cheaper pricy item that you have been eyeing for ages. Warning: Do NOT buy anything that looks obviously made for only this season. I know it's tempting to buy that beautiful S/S05 *insert item*, but unless you have a special occasion to wear it to, or that you live in a country where there is a long summer, then don't buy it. It is not worth buying something that you would only wear it once or twice with no special reason. Here some suggestions:

Simple tops like the ones above are great for daily/ casual wear. The red one would be great for this fall and the yellow tie tank can always be worn in summer, no matter what the trend is. (L) Free People longsleeve gathered keyhole $19.99. (R) Lux smocked tie tank, $9.99. Both from Urban Outfitters.

(L) The lookout jacket by Anthropologie,$109.95, would be perfect for the coming fall. Put a belt around the waist to maximise the effect. (R) An office or professional lady's must-buy item. Cropped pants by Calvin Klein,$109.00.

With black being the 'it' color next season, everyone must stock up on black pants. The details on the waist line of these gelateria pants is a great bonus. Brown pants are also very versatile and classical, so why not add a pair to your closet? (L) Gelateria pants by Anthropologie, $49.95. (R) Kalahari trousers by Anthropologie, $49.95.

Almost everyone in The OC has worn a Juicy blazer in Season 2 at some point. Juicy blazers are great as they can be worn as casual or semi-formal. Stripped twill blazer by Juicy Couture at Saks or any Juicy selling department stores, $125.90.

All girls must always have a pair of silver dangly earrings in her jewelry box as they are so versatile and matches so many outfits. Rumour has it that pearls are back again next season, so you may want to prepare while prices are lower. (L) Feather drop dangles from Urban Outfitters, $6.99. (R) Globes of mercury necklace by Anthropologie, $144.95.

This super lovely and fantasic handbag is great for all occasions and will still be considered fashionable for next season. Leather shoulder bag by Miu Miu at Saks or any Miu Miu boutiques, $356.90.

A great sort of classical shoes, and most importantly, they will be good for next season's black and shoe design. Knot heels by Seychelles at Urban Outfitters, $29.99.

Another great classical looking shoe. Doesn't it look sort of regal too? And fashionable for next season. I cannot emphasis how beautiful these shoes are. So if you must buy them, buy them now! Satin beaded bow slides by Prada at Saks or any Prada boutiques, $345.90.

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