Hiya darlings!

We want to thank all you lovely people for reading our blog, especially those who have emailed us or commented in the blog. We've had loads of fun telling you what we know about fashion, trends, beauty, and ultimately, any girly stuff.

We are now open to any questions you have for us. I'm talking about questions about us! Yes, us! Some information about us is already available in our 'About us' site, Behind the Fashion Scene. But it's been awhile since we updated it, and admit it, some of you have to be curious. Who are those two ditzy/ age?/ gushes-way-too-much girls? What is their favourite beauty products? With all the blogging you do, do you two actually have a life?

And yes, if you have any fashion questions, we will try to help you too.

And no, tsk tsk, it's rude to ask about those questions.

Oops, I almost forgot, here's the email address to email your questions to: behindthefashionscene AT gmail.com.
Subject: Send us your questions!

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