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Last week, I wrote a post to tease you about my prize package from Revlon. If it were last year, it would have taken me ages to do the swatch since my Canon Powershot A590 is not that good in capturing colors. The new G12 is a beast: I took very close up pictures of these colors and they came out brilliant! Since I didn't have to do any post-shot color correction, this batch of swatches was done pretty fast. I hope you'll enjoy them!

1. Nail Polishes
(L-R): All Fired Up, Temptress, Demure, Siren
(picture from last week's post with old camera, notice how the red showed up in this picture.)
Thumb: Fire and Ice, 1 coat; pointing finger: Siren; middle finger: Demure; ring finger: Fire and Ice, 2 coats; pinky finger: Temptress
Except for thumb, the rest of the nails were painted with 2 coats. I used Nubar 2010 on top of it.
Without Nubar 2010 top coat. All fingers were painted with 2 coats.
 The nail polishes are easy to paint, albeit Revlon brushes are tiny! The juices are creamy, which remind me of OPI cream formulas. Of the four, Temptress is the thickest. It was hard to spread the second coat. However, the rest of them spread out very nicely. The only downside I encountered was how slow the nail polishes bonded to the quick dry top coat I bought from Sally's. I made a scratch on Siren and when I fixed it by adding more top coat, I ended up messing it up even more!

With one coat, these nail polishes look quite nice and sheer. Two coats and you have more opacity. All Fired Up looks very nice with one coat, as I still can see the texture of my nail. I've been wearing them for almost a week and since my nails are short, I haven't seen any chips at all.

The lipstick swatches are after the jump. So jump!

2. Lipsticks
(L-R): All Fired Up, Siren, Temptress, Demure

Demure, aka "My Lips but Better" lipstick
These two lipsticks look similar on my lips. Temptress, however, has more pink while Demure is more nude with a touch of peach
Have you seen the FOTD I did with it? Click here!
All Fired Up
"In your face" red lipstick with blue tone
 Here's the thing: you don't notice the shine, do you? Yes, this is true: despite the "Super Lustrous" name, there's no luster in these lipsticks. The old ones (All Fired Up and Siren) are a bit dryer than the new ones (Temptress and Demure.) The texture reminds me of old-fashioned lipsticks where the wax content is high and you have to drag it back and forth around your lips in order for it to spread. Yup, these are the ones. However, what all that said, these lipsticks have good staying power. I can eat vigorously through a big lunch and still have some lipsticks left on me. In order to add shine, I layer clear lip gloss on top and it solves the problem.

Siren and All Fired Up are true retro shades. Every time I wear Siren, I imagine myself as Christina Hendricks  in "Mad Men." This could be her color. All Fired Up is the red for those who love red. I've heard stories of makeup artists being harassed by clients simply because the red lipstick "is not red enough." Well, dahlin', the next time I hear that story I'll suggest All Fired Up to the poor sucker client. There's red and there's RED. And this is it, baby! MAC Russian Red has nothing on Revlon All Fired Up. This is fiery red, "push your claws out and paint the town with red" red.

Demure and Temptress are nice additions to the Fire and Ice family. They are like granddaughters of All Fired Up and Siren who have their hair on pigtails and eat cotton candy. These two colors are cute and wearable. Had they not associated with this collection, Demure and Temptress would be quite passable.

How much do I like them? Very much! The whole matchy-matchy thing is still new to me and I hope to wear these nail polishes and lipsticks more often. The lipsticks are my first Super Lustrous lipsticks I've ever had. My mom is a fan but for some reasons, I didn't buy any for myself until now.

So, what do you think? These products are affordable: lipsticks are around $6-7 USD while nail polishes costs around $3-4 USD. Also, drugstores seem to have Revlon on sale all the time.

Disclaimer: I won these products in a giveaway from Revlon.


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