Oh hai!
*managed to jump in bed*
Rabbit rabbit! Happy New Year!
La mamarazzi told me not to say Happy New Year anymore because it's the 7th day of the year already but I like the sound of it. The new year always makes me feel good: new year, new food, new bed. Except the bed isn't new. It's not mine, either. But I'm claiming it. Deal with it, Dao, deal with it!

Anyways, la mamarazzi gave me a new year assignment to write about things that make human girls and women look and feel fabulous. I gave her my classic stank eyes. Hello! I'm a cat. What do I know about how the female human species feel?

If you think la mamarazzi is all lovey dovey, you're wrong. Home girl stared me down and said, "Belly, you are smart and beautiful, you can do it!" Yeah, right. Like that's gonna happen. And by that, I mean the assignment, not the smart and beautiful part. Because I know I am!

In order to find my own inspiration, I watched Beyonce's "I Am" world tour since she wore a leopard print swim/cat suit. I heart La Beyonce. She is fierce! Then, I ate some kibbles, drank some water, and took a nap. The rest is history.

Wanna know what happened? Jump!
Product #1: Revlon Fire and Ice nail polish
It's not just red, it's "in yo face" red. A must have for all divas!
Since I'm a male cat, I don't paint my toes. But if you're a human girl, you should get it.
Product #2: Benefit Coralista Blush
La mamarazzi's Christmas present from moi. I bought her NARS Desire but it made home girl  itch to the max. Had to borrow the cloak of invisibility from Harry Potter to go to Sephora and exchange it.
The end result: home girl's skin does itch and she has a nice glow.
Product #3: Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
Check out my paws!
I think la mamarazzi is getting closer to being the next Richard Avedon...NOT! Her skillz is better, though.
You can look but don't touch, this eyelash curler is mine!
Dao, get your hands off my paws. I said le Shu curler is MINE!
Srsly, this eyelash curler will curl your whiskers...I mean, lashes like nothing else would do, all thanked to the wider stand and curling pads as tough as car tire rubber. This curler I had in my paws before Dao took it away came all the way from Singapore. You can't get Shu from Sephora anymore, which is really sad, because I heart this stuff!

That's all for now. I hope you all will look like divas with these three products. Have fun, yo!

Love, peace, and tuna fish,
Mr. Belly

Disclaimer: The Coralista I bought from my own pocket. Oh wait, I don't have any pockets. I used la mamarazzi's credit card and reimbursed by allowing her to rub my tummy. The Revlon nail polish came in a prize package and the Shu curler came in a makeup hostage exchange Dao did with her friend who sent me my kitty toys. Also, I'm adorable!

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