Hi everyone,

Lately, my lips have been feeling très dry. But the strange thing is, the dryness is not all over the whole lip but only at the left corner of the upper lip. I tried moisturizing my lips with many, many things in vain. That specific area remained dry and flaky for days!

Therefore, I had to bring in the big gun: I must exfoliate the heck out of that area. Instead of using my now famous sugar-honey-olive oil scrub, I decided to be a little bit adventurous and use the new sugar and vaseline scrub instead.

What you need:
  • Petroleum jelly or petroleum-free jelly  
  • Granulated sugar: you don't need a lot of sugar. The amount shown in the picture is just for show.
How to wing it:

  •  Squeeze a pea-size amount of Vaseline or petroleum-free jelly onto the palm of your hand and sprinkled a teeny-tiny bit of granulated sugar. The sugar is used as a physical exfoliator while the jelly is a lubricant so you won't tear out your skin while scrubbing. Also, since sugar doesn't dissolve in Vaseline or petroleum-free jelly, you are not afraid of the sugar being dissolved.

  • Mix them together. They should look like one fine mess like in the above picture.
  • Then, apply the mess with your finger onto your lips and gently scrub it around. The key word here is gently, people! I really don't want you to bust your lips open at all!
  • After some gentle scrubbing, wipe the sugar off your lips with a damp towel and apply some lip balm on top. Your lips is going to feel silky smooth from the exfoliating action.
I did the scrub twice before that strange dryness went away. Although it is tempting to do a batch, this is a rather easy mix and I would suggest to do it as you go. This lip scrub is very effective and save you a lot of money on having to buy lip scrubs sold at the store. I personally don't believe in those products as they are just a waste of money. Besides, you can do this at home with easily available (and cheap) ingredients as well.

That's all for now, folks! I hope you are having a wonderful week!

With love,
Dao xoxo

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