Although I don't wear dark-colored lipsticks, Clinique Almost Lipstick in "Black Honey" has been in my makeup stash since day one. In fact, it is the first real lipstick I owned. This lipstick is so popular it has reached the cult status a while back.

So what is Black Honey?
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A while back, Clinique decided to have a formula called "Almost Lipstick" which gives the pigmentation of a lipstick with the comfort of a lip balm and the shine of a lip gloss. "Black Honey" is the darkest color of this line and is a universally flattering color. Now, I'm not lying about the "universally flattering color" part as I experienced it myself. My friends, cousins, aunties, and even my mom have all used this shade a bit after I got hooked on it. One of my cousins has a lighter skin tone than me and it looked stunning on her. Mom has a darker skin tone and "Black Honey" worked magical on her lips. Besides, the color is age-appropriate to her as well. On my African-American friends, it enhances their lips without disappearing to thin air like other lipsticks do.

With that "universally flattering color" part all said and done, no wonder why this lipstick is so phenomenal: everybody can use it!

To me, "Black Honey" has a dear place in my heart as it is the only red lipstick that works for me. Other red lipsticks have a tendency to make me look old really fast and I don't want to look old, y'all! This magical little tube gives me a rosy glow that I need on the days that I look pasty. Nothing can brighten up my face on a cold day like a bit of "Black Honey". I remember going to an early class one morning with a slight coat of Black Honey and got such good reactions from my male friends. They were all "oohs" and "ahs" and "What's the occasion? Are you going on a date?" Never in my life I got such compliments from my classmates so I totally love this color.

Moreover, "Black Honey" gives me effortless elegance. Instead of standing in front of the mirror for half an hour or more primping my face, I can just apply tinted moisturizer, mascara, blush, and two coats of "Black Honey" and head out of the door looking so oh-so-French chic.

A picture of me a while back with "Black Honey" on my lips

In the picture I kept everything simple. The only thing that really stood out was my lip color. I did not even use any lip glosses as I wanted a tinted lip look. To tint the lips, I applied a layer of "Black Honey", the blotted my lips with a piece of tissue paper. The I applied another layer of "Black Honey". Voila, tinted lips that last and last!

You will like it if you:
  • prefer a comfortable lipstick that lasts,
  • love reds,
  • want effortless chic without spending a lot of time,
  • are allergic to most lipsticks. "Black Honey" is scentless does not stain your lips.
  • need to find a makeup gift for your friend/cousin/aunt/mom, stat!
You will not like it if you:
  • don't want to use anything from Clinique, which is obsolete because I like this lipstick regardless of the rest of Clinique,
  • don't like red and don't want to deal with red lipsticks,
  • I don't know, I run out of ideas because this lipstick is so perfect.
My rating: A+

If you haven't experienced "Black Honey" in your life, don't walk, run to the nearest Clinique counter near you and get it. This lipstick is so comfortable and looks great on you.

Here it is, my first entry on this blog. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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