So the other day, I went to buy my graduation cap/gown. This is the first (and probably the only) time I will be wearing a graduation cap/gown, because my high school never had it and at the moment I don't plan to pursue any further studies. So I was super excited to try on my cap/gown and see how it looked.
I was a bit disappointed to find that apparently undergraduates in the US only get to wear plain black gowns, because the pretty color stripes I'd always imagined myself wearing are reserved for people with higher degrees than mine. But then, I remembered that even Rory in her Yale graduation had to wear the same black monstrosity (probably made of cheap plastic-ky unbreathable material as mine too) and felt a bit better. Though even
the people over at Tufts have bits of blue in their tassels. Mine is just all black.
But the thing that bugs me the most is my graduation cap. I look like an idiot. It is an one size fits all cap, it is too big for me and the elastic-ky things on the side don't work. I wear it and there are irregular poofy bumps coming from all sides! A bit like how there is a bumpy bit on the back of Ashley's (right) cap, except multiplied by 10.
How come everyone else's (i.e. Rory and Marissa above) caps looks so nicely fitted on them? Is there something I am missing? Or is the cap from my school just badly designed?

Image Source: TV Addict

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