Day #3 aka my birthday!

Daniel and I woke up at like 8am to wash up and all cos we were going to....... TOKYO DISNEYSEA!!! 
We were torn between Disney land and Disney sea but eventually we picked the latter cos there's only one Disney Sea in the whole world. Yup, the Japanese started it! Made pizza for breakfast and scooted off to the other end of Tokyo!

We reached Disneysea at around 10.30am and it was already MAD packed -.- It was a Wednesday some more!!!

Super nice landscape! Disney Sea is categorized into various ports so the one you're seeing is Venice's!

Tower Of Terror (it's a drop shot) was the scariest ride we took but it wasn't really scary :/ pretty disappointed with the rides. Expected thrilling rides but they were just like... meh.

Daniel bought the Minnie ears for me (:

Left around 3pm cos it was really boring for us :(
Thought I could have a childlike experience at Disney sea with many mascots, candy stalls and thrilling rides for my 21st but no......

This is Daniel being a clown again in the train when we were heading down to Roppongi Hills for my birthday dinner!

We settled at Keyaki restaurant since it was crowded inside. Most restaurants were already closed cos it was around 9pm!

Yellowtail sashimi!

Did I mention that smoking is allowed in most restaurants? Happy Daniel was happy.

Yucks my fringe looks so oily after one long day! Daniel and I explored this place called Don Quijote which is similar to Singapore's Mustafa except that it's 6 levels! They sell EVERYTHING from food to clothes to household items to dog food to bicycles to 2nd designer goods and even sex toys LOL. 

Daniel and I bought some jap snacks, dog food for Oreo and half a dozen of hangover bottled drinks -.- it costs $10 in Zouk and it was only $2 in Tokyo so Daniel went a little crazy inside.

爱你多多! :*


Wanted to walk to Tokyo Tower but we gave up halfway cos it was 1am already and we still weren't there yet! Well at least we saw it from far, quite pretty!

Day #4

Checked out of Citadines hotel and we went to Ginza! Ginza is Tokyo's most expensive district and one of the most luxurious shopping districts in the world. It's a rather nice place but I still prefer Harajuku/Omotesando for their buildings!

Lunch in some pretty upscale restaurant! The curry chicken rice was a disappointment though :/

Uniqlo's store mannequins. The mannequins were turning 360 degrees in unison! Japan's marketing is really top notched.

World's biggest 12 storey Uniqlo!

Seiko clock tower, one of the nicer buildings in Ginza!

Decided to wear my new H&M dress again the next day cos I love the cut and I only worn it for a short while the night before. Heheh

Found a Fancl flagship store and I was mad happy cos I've been wanting to buy Fancl Tense Up EX collagen drink for my skin but it's damn expensive in Singapore so I was damn happy when I found Fancl.

Ok let me introduce to you this awesome drink. 
I swear by it after drinking for 2 weeks! 
*may work differently on different people

Fancl Tenseup EX is Fancl's star product and it helps in brightening, moisturizing and replenishing of lost collagen daily! Because of my itchy habit of picking my pimples in the past, it resulted in some indented scars(some call it "moh peng") on my cheeks.
I've tried many but wrong products in hope to close up the scars but nothing worked and I really thought all hope is lost. 

I was telling my facial therapist at Fancl about this problem and she recommended Fancl Tenseup EX to me, and assured me it works cos she's taking it too. In most cases, you'd have to drink this product daily for 3 months ($6 per bottle X 30 days X 3 months = $540 wtf) to see full result, but my indented scars are quite mild so she recommended me to take it for a month instead.

I was still comprehensive about it, and it's freaking $180 for a month's supply so I googled it up to check if Tokyo has it cheaper and true enough it's only $100 in Tokyo so obviously I bought it in Tokyo together with Fancl acne essence and 2 packets of DHC collagen pills !

I've taken Fancl Tenseup EX for more than 2 weeks and here are results I've seen on my face :

- pores became smaller
- indented scars are smaller (but not gone yet)
- skin feels more supple (could also be due to laneige sleeping pack or both)
- make up stays longer
- more radiant complexion
- significantly lesser pimple/blemish outbreak

Though it's really expensive but the amount of wonders it work on your skin is worth it! 
Here's how the drink looks like, yall can get it from any Fancl outlet in Singapore!

The Fancl acne essence which I mentioned above is not bad too. It helps to eliminate some of my existing blemishes. I haven't tried the DHC pills but I'll be taking it after I finish my Fancl drink. Online reviews for the pills are pretty good though (however, contents in the pills are not as strong as the drink).

Moving back to my Tokyo trip...

Daniel and I decided to try out the well known parisian based cafe called Laduree!

They look so yummy and cute right!!

The interior design and furnitures were majestic and luxurious so it does make you feel like you're in Paris. Love the lush cushioned seats, gold plated cups and three-tiered cake holders.
Even the male servers were suited up and the female servers were dressed in French maid uniform!

So this was our high-tea set which cost us... 112SGD!!!
I wouldn't have felt so indignant about it if it tasted nice but it tasted nothing close to a $112 heaven! Daniel and I were utterly disappointed with e v e r y t h i n g on the platter including my coffee and his hot chocolate.

Ange told me that the Laduree she went to in UK wasn't really nice either. Only the one in Paris tasted good. Sigh all the hopes I had for Tokyo's Laduree :( 

The best was the orange juice, I'm serious.

Went back to our hotel around 6ish to drop my freaking heavy(at least 2kg) worth of Fancl stuff(+ a free plate they gave cos i overspent some amount hahah) and called our 2nd hotel to tell them we'd be there late!

Both Daniel and I really loved Shinjuku's restaurants a lot so we wanted to have our last "city dinner" at Shinjuku before we moved to the suburbs of Tokyo. Daniel has "food eye" cos EVERY restaurant that he picked was good so I asked him to pick our dinner venue, which is the place in the above picture!! The signboard with "助"!

We ordered quite a lot and we finished almost everything. Freaking love Japanese food.

Hehe qt chef who voluntarily posed

Hurried back to Citadines to grab our luggage after dinner and took the train to Ueno! Damn, the train lines there were really complicating at first but you'll get a hang of it after awhile. It's damn efficient and fast, but it's a bit troublesome to lug our luggages all around the train stations cos we had to change lines :(

Daniel getting fascinated over touch screen vending machine. I swear Japan now is what Singapore will be in 10-20 years' time.

And soooo we finally arrived at our ulu traditional inn at 11pm..............

I really love the idea of a Ryokan and living a Japanese commoner's life which was why I picked this place. My first sleeping on a futon, taking an onsen bath, genuinely enjoyed brewed green tea with a japanese tea and table set, and even got interviewed by the Japanese TV.

Staying in a ryokan was really quite a pleasant experience for me and I'd definitely try something like this again but in a more convenient location. 

That's pretty much my 3rd and 4th day! 
Stay tuned for the last post of Tokyo! (:

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