I'm back from Bali paradise with lots of photos!!

THANK YOU GUSHCLOUD AND KLM FOR FLYING US TO BALI FOR 4 DAYS! It was such an awesome experience and I got to meet 7 other bloggers, and they are all so nice and easy to talk to!

So the 7 other bloggers that went with me were....

Kaykay - mad gorgeous!!
Eric - the apple of everyone's eye
Tammy - Miss hardcore stoner
Tricia - little chilli padi
Jeneen - my super sweet and nice roommate (:
Reiee - Miss sexy voice
Donna - "The Socialite" (haha cos she's very sociable and friendly)
We flew by KLM business class and I was so excited cos it's my first business class flight *squeals*
Never thought it would come so soon. Always thought I need to slog for another 10 years to be a tai tai and buy my own biz class tickets with my life savings LULZ.

Personal in-flight entertainment, and magazine+book slots!
I love it because I can chuck my books, jacket, bag, passport all inside without leaving them beneath my seat which is mega troublesome to take.



My flight buddy, Sheena! She works at Gushcloud so she's one of our "nannies"!

My roommate aka super sweet girl, JENEEN!!!
Initially I was a bit scared that we won't have much to talk about cos of the age gap but we can click so well. We would always talk for at least half an hour on our beds before sleeping!!

Coincidental matchy outfits!

And uh, matchy outfit with the seats too hahah

Dinner was served and it was indeed royal treatment!! It's the BEST plane food I've ever eaten in my entire life! Oh, and super fresh orange juice I had 4 glasses!!


You can lie FLAT down. Yeah, like 180 degrees!!!
It was mad shiok cos it feels like a bed and I genuinely wished my flight was longer!!

Got pillow for me to hug also!!
The air stewardess also handed us a Amsterdam glass house which was filled with alcohol (:
This is what I call Novelty.

Airport shuttle brought us to our hotel!

It's located in Nusa Dua, Bali's glamorous tourist enclave. It's near to Benoa Harbor, intl airport, numerous Bali tourist spots and not forgeting Kuta's trendy strip of shops, restaurants and bars!
Bunked in this apartment with Jeneen, Sheena and Carmen!

We had our nightly Pop-mie session here (:

My room with Jeneen!
Love the fact that the whole resort has complimentary wifi so we can tweet/instagram (:

Sheena's and Carmen's romantic room hahah
Headed to Kuta for dinner at some seafood restaurant!

We ordered SUPER a lot of food, like i think there were about 20 dishes? And it only cost us SGD$100+! It wasn't incredibly tasty, but it's not bad for the price we paid! 

Went to grab a drink at The Engine Room after dinner. 
And I realized Balinese men are damn into hip hop music and dressing = baggy jeans that reveal half the boxers, and baggy singlets or half naked. Sorry but it's damn gross to me. And they look SOOOO SWEATY!!! 

And they like to give the "I'm a mothafking american boy" face/vibe so it's a major turn off for me!

Lol i think we left within half an hour!

Just realised everyone in this photo is a blogshop owner!

Matchy Raybans with Jeneen! Actually I koped it from Daniel on the FIRST day he bought it. Why would he need raybans when he's going for fieldcamp RIGHT???? 

Kitty Donna!

This monkey has a very cute humanly face, and he loves all our sparkly accessories. Like anything gold or silver, he'd touch it and lick his fingers after that. Hahaha materialistic monkey.

I'm not very sure what is this but I think it's a komodo dragon? It was UNLEASHED but the staff said it doesn't bite so Kaykay touched it. Super scary :/

Went for elephant ride.
Everyone was pretty hesitant about it cos we all know how cruel elephant training is and we don't want to endorse it but it was already part of the itinerary so we did it in the end. 

Eric and Sheena (:
Tammy and Donna (:

Me and my elephant, Donnie crazy. Though it was a mere 15 minutes ride but I've developed feelings for Donnie. It's so sweet, gentle and childlike. I want to remember Donnie and somewhat thank Donnie for letting us sit on him so I named the elephant plush toy I bought for Oreo, Donnie Crazy (:

Headed to a nearby beach!
Heheh shaggy dog, so cute!

Jeneen and I!

Tricia, Reiee and I!

Drove down to Jimbaran beach to catch the sunset and it was beautiful 

We all took A LOT of jumpshots and some of them are really nice!

Behind the scenes of hardworking bloggers!

Bloggers jumpshot #1

Bloggers jumpshot #2
 L O V E shot

Took the jumpshot pictures from Tammy's blog!

Kaykay's poses were all damn gracious!

Heart-shaped shot with Donna!

Had seafood dinner by Jimbaran beach to mark the end of our day! 

Really thankful to KLM for flying us there! Checked out their website and their economy fare to Bali starts from $213 and business class fare starts from $500+ (I think it's really damn worth it to experience biz class)!

The pictures are even nicer ^^

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