The one runway-shown trendy thing to not touch (or even think about) this season is the see-through bags. Honestly, this is such a weird, uncommercial thing for the designers to come up with. I imagine even the most attention-seeking lala-landers will not adopt this bag (although you never know.) And how did the designers all come up with them together? Were see-through bags a thing of the 80's that I'm not aware of?

Dolce & Gabbana has always tip-toed on the very thin line of high-class sexy and tacky (or perhaps it's just both), so I suppose see-through bags showing up a lot on their SS07 runway wasn't too weird.
It actually looks nice to have things outside the bag. Strange.
What is odd is that even Karl put these PVC bags in Chanel. Don't buy this bag unless you're a rich, spoilt, Chanel and Juicy sort of tween.
OK, so I suppose this Fendi bag looks decent enough in this picture and it's not as transparent. But don't let the pretty design fool you because it is still see-through!

Fortunately, most high-street stores have stayed away from producing 'inspired' versions. Unfortunately, a few high-street stores did.
Top Shop has these colourful PVC bags. I can't decide if being coloured makes them more playful and fun or tacky.
Nine West has a more proper-looking handbag version of a see-through bag.

My point is I just don't get these bags.


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