Barneys Girl and I are usually pretty traditional with our jewellery. We usually stick with classic silver pieces. Recently we decided we were only young once and wanted to branch out and try out those large, chunky necklaces that we see on online shops all the time. But knowing ourselves, we knew that if we were to buy such necklaces, we would probably fall out of love with them after a year so we weren't willing to pay too much. Thankfully, BG learned of a funky Japanese and Korean import jewellery store that was on 70% off from a friend. (We got very excited after hearing about the huge discount!)
There were so many styles that we spent an hour there trying things on and experimenting. Finally, I ended up with this very chunky and cute necklace, which I paid around USD10 for it. I'm not sure if you can see in the picture: the balls are wrapped in lace, and black white grey velvet. The white and black banana-shaped things are shells. And yes, I have a thing for black jewellery.
BG ended up with two necklaces. One was the one above -The beads, both the black and gold ones are actually quite shiny. And we discovered it was much girlier to wear the butterfly on the side rather than in the middle. The second one was a gold chain with long purple beads, (but she had to take it back to repair so there is no photo to show you guys.)
OK, so another big reason for our sudden interest in big, non-bohemian style, chunky necklaces is because of all the plain, simple tops around. Here are some cool examples from shopbop:
These two necklaces are by Erickson Beamon for Shopbop. I love these two. The one on the left is so simple and versatile, but still so eye-catching. The one on the right is so pretty and detailed.
These two necklaces are by Twinkle. Personally I think these necklaces would look nicer if the model just wore plain tops (like in the Erickson Beamon photos), but just check out the necklaces -quite funky huh? I can totally imagine wearing a plain dress with the necklace that has the red bird and purple beads.
Another one by Twinkle from It's so cute! Ya, I definitely have a thing for black. (For those who are interested, it's from last season so it's on sale now!)
Since we're on the topic of chunky necklaces, we should really check out Marni. Afterall, Marni was really one of the forces that started off the chunky necklace trend.
A very signature (at least for the past few years) Marni necklace. There's a touch of that bohemina vibe in it, but it still feels very modern, especially if you compare it to the styles a few years back.
I'm ending this post with another black and white necklace (by Marni). Since I sadly can't afford this, I'll stick to my cheap but cute one.
Obviously, this chunky necklace thing isn't for everyone. I mean, even though I think it's fun, I would wear it everyday. Oh, and here's a sensible advice: don't wear it when you're going clothes shopping!

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