We've always been told that any publicity is good publicity. But really, who actually wants bad publicity? (Wait, I just remembered Spencer, the why-wouldn't-Heidi-dump-him and publicity-seeking a-hole from the Hills. Nevermind.) Remember back in Tom Ford's Gucci days, he supposedly freaked out when he saw Victoria Beckham wearing his designs. The story (as spread by numerous media and the book, Fashion Babylon) is that he called his Gucci's London PR to find out who had put Posh in the outfit. When the PR told him that Posh had bought it full price at the Gucci shop, he screeched, 'Well, somebody stop her!' Even though I'm indifferent to Tom Ford, one can't help but feel sorry for him. Afterall, which designer would want his designs to be worn by people who he deemed as eww?

I've always thought of Prada as a foward-thinking, intelligent and artsy-feeling brand. Which is why it must have been a sad, sad day for Miuccia Prada and her PR team to see her lovely design worn by the unstylish likes of Britney Spears. (Although props to Britney for looking better these days.) That pink handbag is totally mismatched with the dress and the cowboy hat just makes me think the dress is some bad mix of ethnic and Texas ranch wear. And does the dress even fit her properly in the first place? Poor Miuccia must be so traumatised! But then again, Miuccia thinks in mysterious ways -whoever knows what she thought of this?

In my mind, celebs like Nicole Richie, MKA Olsen, Mischa Barton, Kate Bosworth, Kiera Knightley and even Lindsay Lohan are excellent, positive PR. People like Paris Hilton are sort of neutral -some people love her style and some hate her style. As for Britney, well, she's sort of in the neutral to negative territory, isn't she? I suppose Miuccia can take comfort that Britney at least didn't flash her undergarments or private parts while in the dress. Now that's got to be a plus in Lalaland.

Photo credit: www.style.com

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