Hi everybody,

First of all, I have a confession: I messed up in the post order. The ELF eyelid primer post was supposed to be for today but an overzealous internet elf decided to give it a boost. Hence, it was posted a day earlier, which gave me an interesting predicament of what to do today.

So, I am just going to give everyone an update regarding your prize status: I sent them out today!

Three packages for three winners, each weights almost 3 lbs!
 I haven't shipped anything overseas for a while and this giveaway really burned a big hole in my pocket. Since when has shipping become so expensive? And domestic shipping is not that cheap, either. What's going on with the U.S Postal Services lately?

So winners, please watch out for your packages. They should arrive shorty, and by "shortly" I mean from a week to a month. Shipping overseas are notoriously unreliable and after they are out of my hand, I have no way to track them.

By the way, this picture here is just to show off:

My reusable Target bag.
Remember this post? Well, the Target people sent me a $1 off coupon for me to purchase a reusable bag $1.49 and up. I picked this foldable bag and paid 49 cents and some change for it. It is really roomy and had enough space for those 3 packages. Neat, huh? Every time you use a red Target bag when you shop, you get a 5 cent discount. It is not a lot of incentive to buy the bag but to me, I guess I already got my money back :)

That's all for now, folks! Stay cool, ok?

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