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Back in late March, I placed an order at Julu Jewelry. It is an online jewelry shop ran by my girl Stephanie. She's been a reader of my blog and a supporter of Formula D Minerals. After seeing a sneak peak of her rose studs on Twitter, I knew I had to order me a pair. They are just undeniably cute! When they became available, I immediately placed an order and look at what I got:

The pair of earrings in the box with candies (bonus items). Stephanie also included a pair of Shisem lashes and a bail for my Swavrovski pendant. Gee, Stephanie, you make me feel so special!
The box was wrapped by a Tiffany blue bow. This is my attempt to redo the bow. Steph made a perfect bow. How did you do that, Steph?
Wanna see my favorite pair of earrings? I bet you do! Jump, ok?

A pair of coral pink Rose Studs. Beautiful isn't it?
This pair of earrings are so simple, yet elegant. The backing is made of surgical steel so anybody can wear it. Since I have some metal sensitivity, I can only wear earrings with gold, silver, or steel posts. Other than that, my earlobes will swell up like tiny tomatoes. With this pair, I have no problem with sensitivity at all. They are so lightweight and chic that I can wear them anywhere. Since I don't wear a lot of jewelry, if at all, a tasteful pair of earrings is a must for me. And this is it.

Please support her store, y'all. All her products are handmade and the prices are right. Julu Jewelry does not have a wait list and Steph ships super fast. (I received my order within 2 days!) Also, she's really sweet and friendly. You don't feel like you buy a service because you know you have a friend. Also, she posts giveaways very often, which is a bonus for her supporters.

Disclosure: I purchased the earrings with my own money. This is not a commissioned post. For more information regarding My Makeup Blog's disclosure policy, click here.

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