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How are you doing today? I'm doing fine, although a bit under the weather thanks to my grouchy stomach and stress! But as usual, makeup always cheers me up and it never fails. Although I do not shop a lot at Sephora (because there is not even one in town!), I've been its long time fan since I stepped my feet into one at Columbia Mall, Maryland. Sephora is like Disney World for makeup fanatics and whenever I was there, I became a kid in a candy store again. Since I became a beauty blogger, my online shopping at Sephora website has increased significantly and I have to say that I am impressed with their service. Besides Nordstrom, Sephora probably has the best customer service that I can count on: free shipping and return on $50 USD and above, 3 samples per order, and deluxe samples if you are their beauty insider. Also, they give you a cute body wash on your birthday.

This holiday season, I placed an order from Sephora and got a lot of cool stuff for myself:
(L-R): Top row: a pair of lashes, L'Occitane Verbena Shower Gel
Bottom row: Inner Grace EDP, FlowerByKenzo, Aquolina, and L'eau D'Issey perfume samples

The best part is all those stuff came for free! I bought Philosophy Inner Grace from the gift certificate Sephora sent me (did you get one?), the L'Occitane is a deluxe sample as I am a beauty insider (join it, it's free!), the lashes came from code WINKORKISS (which is still valid until the end of this month!), and the perfume samples are complimentary samples. Grand, huh?

Of course, I placed an order with other stuff as well but the free items that came with it almost made it worth my money. Of all the freebies that I got in this order, I was very happy with the pair of lashes. I even wore it for my Christmas FOTD (click here to view.) The lashes are really natural-looking and easy to apply.

A pair of cute false eyelashes packed very nicely
It also comes with a tiny tube of glue.

The lashes are criss-cross and has flecks of sparkles
Upon seeing this picture, my roommate told me it looked scary!

Close up of me trying on the falsies
This pair of lashes is very wearable as it is not too thick or long.
Like Goldilocks said, "It's just right!"

Normally, a pair of Sephora falsies runs from $8-15 USD. This pair probably is (similar to) Snowflake which is priced at $8 USD. It is very well-made and at $8 USD, it is a lot cheaper than a pair of MAC lashes. Currently, Sephora is having a sales on their holiday sets. You can get advantage of the opportunity and get a pair of free lashes as well when using code WINKORKISS.

I really love Sephora and adore this pair of false lashes. If things run as usual, their semi-annual sales with the discount code is coming up soon. And you can count on me to keep you posted, right?

Take care and stay gorgeous,
Your Makeup Blogger

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