Hi everybody!

How are we doing today? First of all, I can't believe 2009 is here already! Did you notice anything different? Yup, I did it again, I changed the blog layout! This time around, I decided to expand the way my blog looks a little bit and I like it more this way: it is roomier and I feel like I can breath. Don't you feel that way as well?

I really love the header and wish I could make it. However, it was modified from a screen saver and I instantly fell in love with this cute tomboy in the picture. It's beauty in a very innocent way, I think. The layout is from the same folks who did my older one and it is free! I did a bit of tweaking here and there to make it look like this. Since I have experience from my blog's last face lift, this time was a lot faster to transform it. I still love my old header with the flowers but adore this new version a lot more.

The last look at my old blog header
I'm going to miss you, pretty one!

Another change I made is to put two Google ads on the right side of my blog. I've been putting an ad before and it was more of a decoration than a money-making tool for me. I love that the current Google ads are nice and relevant but I do not earn much (if any money) from them at all! So if you have any tips on Google ads, please let me know. I would like to see my hard work being rewarded one way or another.

The year 2009 is full of work for me and I hope to have energy for it. Although blogging is a lot of joy, it is also time consuming to me. In my calendar is a trip to another state for my project and it may delay my blogging. At one point during the next few months, I am going to slow down my posting schedule a little bit and I just want you to have a head up. As usual, I am doing my best to keep a high standard and quality on my posts as well as make them more relevant to you.

Again, thank you for all of your supports so far and hope to have more of them this year. This is officially the first post of 2009, which is more of a pep talk than an actual post since I have so many things to do today! Oh, I wish to still have that break!

Happy Monday, ladies. I wish you a wonderful week ahead and as always, stay gorgeous!

Your Makeup Blogger

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