As I indicated before, I'm one dedicated beauty blogger: I run to stores to report the newest and the hottest (ok, most of the time), I show the world the very best products that I use, and I also inform you about beauty related news. What else could you ask more from such a crazy dedicated blogger like me?

Anyways, yesterday The Daily Mail from London had an article about the effects of wearing high heels on your body. In my opinion, it's a heck of an article very well written article with a picture of Gwyneth Paltrow, who's popular in the U.K as well as in the U.S, some couple of nicely illustrated pictures, and cohesive points of how damaging high heels are to the human body. I wish research all articles were written with such manners instead of leaving the readers confused with the lack of diagrams, charts, and tables. Please read it, good reading materials!

Now I'm not a heel wearer, more of a sneaker person thanks to my friendly working environment where people are covered in lab coats. I'm not complaining because my New Balance sneakers are really comfy. However, as heels are banned in the lab, I own about 3 pairs of them. Then when it comes to heel-wearing occasions, I'm stuck with nice clothes and ancient looking heels.

I had a fair share of heel wearing back in high school but my heels were about 2 inches high. However, at the end of the day my feet always felt exhausted, so exhausted that sometimes I felt it would feel better if I didn't have legs at all! Plus my knees and back constantly hurt me. Whether my Achilles tendons were shortened or not I have no clue. But thankfully I don't have corns or bunions. Nowadays, the heels I have are mostly kitty heels (1 inch or less) but I do have a pair of Louboutin Bruges lookalike that does not make its way out of the real world yet. I have to say them 4-inch heels are not comfortable. However, my butts look awesomely awesome, like Giselle awesome, and my legs look extremely long. Ah, the illusion of beauty!

While I was reading the article, I can't help but noticing something familiar in one of the illustrations:

Did you notice the red heel as well? What are you trying to say, The Daily News?
Image courtesy of The Daily News

Aha! The Daily News was being cheeky towards, ahem, Louboutin! But wait a sec, didn't Versace do the red soles at the last Spring Fashion Week as well? Or the sleuth of other less-known designers? For some weird and twisted reasons, I felt bad for Louboutin: first being knocked off from high-end to low-end brands, and now being pointed as the devil to the women's soles (not souls!)

So what to do? For me, I keep on wearing my sneakers during the work days, Aerosoles and flip flops during the weekends, kitty heels for presentations, and that pair of cheap Bruges lookalike inside my apartment. Walking around the house in a pair of 4-inch heels makes me feel really powerful, you know. Plus I'm afraid I may trip and fall while wearing such a high pair of shoes!

How about you? How tall are your shoes? Share your tips of how to rock those heels please, I really want to rock that pair of shoes that I have. Thank you, I <3 href="" rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml"> subscribe to my feed. Thanks a lot!

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