Recently, I've been seeing a few dresses and stuff I want from the UK Urban Outfitters site. But seriously, why are the things there so expensive? I'm not saying they cost as much as Prada, but I can't get around to justifying the clothes for what UO is charging.
Take this Kimchi & Blue double layer tank top for instance, my sister got it last week in the States on sale for 15usd. And guess what? It's on sale in the UK too! Only, it's now down to 15pounds. Seriously. OK, so I understand rent and wages are much higher in the UK, but still! I just need to rant.

Here are the clothes I'm interested in:

I like that this Lux dress is simple, bright, young and seems good for day or night. And the braided neckline is a nice detail too. But I'm not sure about dishing out 45pounds (=85usd) for a jersey dress.

A fun, summer day dress by Free People. I'm imagining walking around in malls in this dress and sandals. I've got a dress that's got a similar cut and it's old so it needs to be replaced. But this dress, (which I can't even decide if I like the grey or pink version better,) costs 50pounds! Although the more I stare at the dress now, the more I'm not sure about the prints.

I love this dress by Religion. The top bit is made of elasticy cotton material, and I'm guessing the skirt bit is made of chiffon-like material. The dress has definite potential for fun nights out. It's 65pounds but the material and cutting looks pretty decent. Now I just have to find it in a shop to try it out. And I'm also really liking the feather necklace. (I think the model's got two on her in the photo.) So many things I want!

And then there are the graphic t-shirts. I know graphic tees are so 2005 but they seem like something I lack in my wardrobe. I especially love the grey Bon-Jour tee. But as usual, these tees are pricey -28pounds each! Seriously, aren't normal graphic tees like these like 28usd on the US site?

Since I seem to have no decision-making ability o shopping these days, what do you think? Which should I buy and which should I just leave?

PS. I wasn't bother to calculate the USD equivilant for all the prices above since I assume everyone has some idea about the current exchange rates.

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