Remember the AKA Dress I was obsessing over this winter? Well it seems that it is coming back to haunt me, because now I am seeing colorblocks everywhere! They are looking better and better too. Colorblocks are especially refreshing when compared to the floral and print patterns one usually sees in a spring/summer wardrobe. They are bright, sharp and bold.
The first brand that comes to mind when one thinks of colorblocks this season is Marc by Marc Jacobs. There are loads in that collection. Most memorable is probably that colorblock dress with the row of gold buttons coming down the front off center, but I showed that dress yesterday (fourth picture on the left). So here, I'm going to show this more geometric one (left) also from the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection. Orange is not my favourite color, but it works here. For something a bit more femininely styled, I like this dress from FCUK (right).
More boldly and sharply, there are these dresses from Cynthia Steffe (left) and DKNY (right). They are the definition of colorblock dresses (since you can actually SEE the color blocks really clearly as opposed to the dresses before which are more complex).
More subtly, there are these ones from J Crew (left) and FCUK (right). I love how the design of both is simple and sophisticated yet fun because of the color blocks! I love the color combo of these two (left: Mint Jodi Arnold, right: Mr. Abbott). Who knew yellow and grey would go so well together? Also the knot on the Mr. Abbott dress is cute!
Something more casual, there are these two options from Alisha Levine (left) and FCUK (right). My friend actually has the FCUK dress in black/yellow. The contrast of black/yellow is much sharper.
And if you are just looking to play around a little with colorblocks, you can try getting these fun but super versatile colorblock tees from Vince (left) and Ella Moss (right)- just to brighten up your wardrobe!

Image Source: Shopbop, Saks, J Crew, Nordstrom and FCUK

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