Silk clothes are all the rage these days. Silk is great in that it makes your clothing, whether its from a high-street store or a designer shop, look expensive and sleek. Another great thing about silk is that it really lets bold colours (another trend this year) really shine out. But one really annoying thing about silk clothes is that you can't just throw it into the washing machine, or even handwash it for that matter. And dry-cleaning is so bothersome and costing that I prefer wearing the silk item many times before bringing it to dry-clean.
I really hate getting sweaty, which always happens when we go out in the summer or go to crowded clubs. So I was really happy recently when I saw an ad in a magazine about these underarm sweat sheets and my mum found it for me in a Japanese drugstore (Sogo.) According to the box, there are four types of underarm sweat sheets, depending on what type of clothing you want to stick it onto. I got the type for clothes that are short-sleeved or made of light material (the orange box.)

This is how they look like. Basically, you fold and stick one piece onto each underarm area of the top/ dress. It's like using bandage. The white cloth supposedly has anti-smell properties so it prevents armput BO from adhering to your silk top. And after a night out, I peeled the sticky sheet off my silk dress and it didn't ruin the silk at all. Great huh? It totally made me feel like I could be less conscious about not ruining my silk dress last night. So if you feel the same way about silk clothes, go see if they sell these in the Japanese drugstores near you!

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