I have been wanting to rant about how ugly I think Dooney & Bourke bags are for almost as long as we've been blogging, but never got around to doing it. I've only ever seen Dooney bags sold in the States before, so I don't know where else they sell these bags (-shows how much I'm not bothered with this brand.)

The first time I was introduced to Dooney bags was from Mischa Barton's ads in Teen Vogue of the 'IT' bag series. It were these ads that made me think that a lot of the Dooney & Bourke designs look similar to Vuitton bags, especially the monogram designs, and they're certainly not cheap. And doesn't Mischa look like she's a showgirl at some mobile phone convention?

Next came the Lindsay Lohan ones. (Actually, were the Mischa ones first or the Lindsay ones? Whatever.) The bags Lindsay held looked like a small girl's art work put onto an adult-shaped bag. Not good.

Then came Emma Roberts' ads. Even though I'm indifferent to Emma Roberts, I have to say that if I were fifteen, I would consider the red, bean-shaped bag on the right. But I'm not so sure about the bees on the bag on the left.

And finally, this season Dooney has Hayden Pannettiere helping design and advertise its Hayden bag. It seems like Dooney has finally managed to select great images for the ad -Hayden fits well with the bag and the whole image suits a much larger age range. As for the bag, I actually like the bag! The bag looks modern and trendy, thanks to the design itself and patent leather. It looks big enough to fit books and such, thus practical, and the shoulder straps' length look just right. The only ugly thing that sticks out is the 'HP' tag, but that should be removeable.

And look, Hayden has such good work ethics -she's actually using the bag in real life! Such a smart and responsible girl! The best thing is, unlike a lot of other celebrity endorsements, the bag actually looks great with her outfit. I would consider buying this bag, even though it costs $500.

Anyways, as I always say, style is all about what you like and feel comfortable in, so don't let me put you off this brand! What do you think of the Hayden bag and Dooney & Bourke in general?

Image credit: http://www.dooney.com/, www.justjared.buzznet.com

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