It's been raining quite often in London in the past two weeks and I just realised that I have no shoes to wear for those rainy days. The only normal shoes that completely cover up my feet I own are my Puma sneakers, which are all white. You can imagine that by the time I got to my class, the front of my sneakers had terrible dark smudges. So I realised I really need a pair of rainy-day shoes. Thankfully, while I was blogging about ankle boots a few days ago, I realised that patent leather ankle boots were my perfect solution!

Since I'm planning to use this new pair of patent leather shoes for rainy, everyday use, here were my criterias: (love lists!)
  • Easy to put on -because I'm always leaving my flat less than 10 mins before lectures start and rushing out of the door.
  • 1-2.5inch-high heels -because flats are too low and 4-inch high heels are too high for me to walk quickly and comfortably around in. Unfortunately, most of the shoes out there these days are 4 inches high.
  • From the high-street -because my budget can only afford high-street shoes, and my conscience wouldn't feel as bad when they get dirty and ruined by the black, watery London streets.
  • Style-wise, they don't have to be super trendy but they have to be modern and somewhat stylish. I do go to school in the city afterall.

With ankle boots being all the rage this season, you would think it would be easy to find a pair, but it certainly wasn't. For example, Top Shop sells a pair for around 75 pounds (which is a bit too expensive,) and Office has a not-very-pretty pair for 60 pounds. Fortunately, my absolutely favourite high-street store, Zara had a pair that fit my criterias, together with the curved, Prada-inspired heels. (You can't really see the heels in this picture but they're there.)

Excuse my numerous posts about ankle boots if you're sick of them. I'm just excited I finally got a pair of rainy day shoes!

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