As you may have noticed Barneys Girl and I haven't blogged a lot about fashion trends recently. Mostly, it's because we haven't been particularly inspired. Doesn't it seem like you can wear last FW's clothes and still seem fashionable this season? There is one trend that we have been loving from last season and it continues this season -the ankle boots.

I'm not a particularly exciting person and I like to know that I can use my expensive shoes (my so-called investment items,) over and over again, so after searching for two seasons, I finally found my perfect pair of boots. I love the shape and the leather is so gorgeous. They're comfortable too (-Prada). Obviously they would be more practical if they weren't so high-heeled, but I guess it's time I learn how to walk in high heels!
The other pair that I am loving this season are these Aldo boots (right). They look suspiciously like the pair of Louboutins (left) I was drooling over last FW. I love the Aldo pair so much that I've tried them on in LA and Chicago, but I didn't get them because I had already bought the first pair by then. They are so easy to put on, plus they cost only 100usd!
While browsing on the Aldo website I noticed this pair of boots. I realise that not everyone has adapted to the recent round-toe shoe trend, so this is for those who still like pointy shoes.
Meet this year's Louboutins, the Metallika. It looks like leather wrapped artistically around feet!
These Gucci boots are such stylish winter boots. (I feel warm and fuzzy and stylish just by looking at them!) I'm not a big fan of suede (esp since it rains so much in London,) but this brown is such a fantastic shade.
Even though I don't like that the zippers are in the front of these KG boots, I like the shape of the toe area. You see the way it hooks up? It reminds me of this season's Stella McCartney pumps that I've been staring at over at Net-a-Porter.
And finally, this season's major trend -patent leather. Shiny, patent leather risks the possiblity of looking tacky, but this pair is just classy. Sigh, isn't this pair of Miu Miu so gorgeous?
These basic boots are perfect for almost all outfits. They can go with jeans, pants and even mini-dresses/ skirts, so they're a must-buy for this season, (that is if you didn't buy a pair last season!)

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