The big 21 -BG is finally legal worldwide! Here are your virtual presents:

To kick off your birthday celebration, the purple Rebecca Taylor dress (left) would be perfect for a fancy dinner and the pink Mint Jodi Arnold dress (right) would be so fab and cute for cocktails! These dresses are short enough to be cute and young, yet not too revealing. Gosh, I want them too!

Sexy, basic knee-high boots for winter (by Versace)! They might be a bit too high for school, but they're good for all the other occassions where you don't have to walk too much.

And more winterwear. You've been craving for a black, basic coat for ages. This Burberry coat is perfect for all occasions, from work to shopping, to fancy dinners and meeting up at Starbucks.

You totally needs extra stock of her new basic makeup -YSL Radiant Touch Concealer. Such an easy-to-use and good quality concealer to cover up those dark circles from late nights.

Even though you've got more than enough eye shadow palettes, you still hasn't gotten around to buying a Chanel Quadra eyeshadow palette.

Tickets to the musical you've been wanting to watch for so long- the Legally Blonde Musical! Has anyone watched it? We both want to know how it translates from the movie to a musical.

With your HP laptop dying, here's a gorgeous and seriously useful MacBook Pro.

Although on the 26th Oct, Mac's going to come with the new OS, Leopard.

Finally, in the spirit of our favourite new show, Gossip Girl, get some young, hip party dresses. Remember this Catherine Maladrino dress? Serena just wore in the latest episode to a date -it's so pretty and trendy. Loves it!

Have a fabulous time at Ruth Chris and cocktails darling! Muah!
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