To be honest, I've never felt much for Cole Haan shoes. They were just one of those classic American brands that I keep getting confused with Kenneth Cole. But walking into the store the other day, drawn by the sales sign, I was quite impressed with their shoe collection this season, especially the ones with their Nike Air cushioning feature. This has probably been around for forever, but I just found out recently. So excuse my babbling....Ever since my summer experience, I've wanted a pair of quality black pumps as I've finally realized the tremendous importance of it in professional wear. Ideally it would be comfortable and the made just right. A pair of perfect Prada black pump jumps to mind. But alas, they are quite out of my reach at the moment. And to be fair, I probably wouldn't want to wear it daily anyway. Hence, when I saw these Fiona's at the Cole Haan store, I fell in love. They shape is made just right. The height is great. The quality is good. It is cheaper than a pair of Pradas (at around $300, though I'll probably wait until it goes on sale to make the final kill). And to top all that, it has Nike Air cushioning embedded in the front for comfort. Now I don't know if this is a new thing or not, but what a genius idea! I tried it on. It really makes all the difference. At 3 1/2", it is very very very comfortable. And I'd give much to be comfortable and chic. Oh and these also come in plain leather, but I thought the patent leather version gives it a bit more of a oomph. Anyway, some more beauties from this comfortable and chic collection. The Carma. For a pair of peep toes, I think these are quite nice as it peeps just enough. And I have a thing for platforms heels. These also come in patent leather and plain leather and all the classic colors, but I just thought I'd show this one just to spice it up a little. At 4", these Dalya are just the thing to wear for a casual day out and into the night. With sturdy chunky heels (which are so cool), platforms AND the cushioning thing, you won't have to rest. Plus, I love the patent leather and suede combo here. And this wine red color is just great if one wants a pair of red shoes, but don't want to it to be too flashy i.e. ME! Then, they have boots. I love the folding thing here. It adds simple detail without being too much. Though I'm not too sure about the squarish looking heel here....though at 4" I guess you need it for extra support. I like the slimmer heels here better. Though of course these two are going after completely different looks. One is simple and classic and the other has more details and is more feminine.

So yes, after seeing this collection and falling love with the Fiona, I don't think I'm going to confuse Cole Haan with Kenneth Cole anymore!

Image Source: Cole Haan

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