Catching up with my friend in NYC, she asked me if I'd heard of Tory Burch. I said, "Yes, don't they sell clothes?" since I vaguely remember the brand as one of those frequently shown on the OC. She said, "I think so, I guess it hasn't spread to HK yet, but they sell these flats that is currently all the rage in the States and being the poser that I am- I just got some!" Intrigued since she usually doesn't follow the raging trends that closely, I googled it up and found the Tory Burch Reva flats.
At first glance, I didn't really like them. Especially the big metal clasp in the front, which HG very aptly describes as being a wannabe of the Roger Vivier buckle- which I don't particularly like either (although I hear that the taste for Roger Vivier develops over time). But then I tried imagining them in real life and on my feet (a very big stretch of the imagination) and realized that I could see myself wearing it as a cute variation of the classic flats. Because they're really not much different from all the other variations of flats that we all love, think Tods and Ferragamo flats with their metal pom poms and buckles. The Tory Burch ones just happen to have a slightly bigger clasp (the slight ruch at the back makes it even more Tod-like).

So while I don't see what especially makes it special and all the rage (it certainly doesn't seem all that popular with celebs as I could hardly find anyone of interest wearing them online), I do see its charm. After all, we can always use an extra pair of flats to walk around in. And in the spirit of brightening up our wardrobe, might I suggest choosing more colorful and texturized versions of the Tory Burch flats like these? One can only have so many pairs of black flats and besides, I don't see these flats as a style that will last you a lifetime. They're more one of those in the moment things. So have fun with it while it lasts!
Image Source: Tory Burch

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