In recent conversations with guy friends, I've noticed that more and more guys use skincare. But right after admitting they use skincare, some people's reactions are like, err but you're a guy! Really people, we're in the 21st century. People in our generation are generally fickle and vain. We're into taking loads of photos every time we go out with our digital cameras that have ever-increasing mega-pixels. Who can blame guys for using skincare when we girls spend so much on similar things?

I think it's actually cool when guys admit they use skincare. I mean, at least they care enough about their hygiene and skin condition to buy and use it daily. That actually requires money and effort. While there's obviously something wrong if a guy spends more time than you (girl) getting ready to go out, guys using skincare should not imply they're gay.

All this aside, I do love talking to guys about skincare. One guy was telling me how much he loved H20+'s products because they are all oil-free (which I totally connected with because I thought the same back then,) and one guy was recommending me an eye product. Skincare's such great conversation topic!

So girls, next time a guy admits he uses skincare, don't give him a weird look! And guys, do bother!

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