Kudos to Riccardo Tisci for a fabulous haute couture collection. It only gets better every season. This collection was modern and stylish, with just the right amount of details to make it haute couture. Hm.... I think I said something similar last time about Tisci's haute couture collection must be his style.
I was captivated by this collection from the very first outfit (left), with the exquisitely beautiful jacket with the very feminine flutters and the furry poofy skirt- stylish, girly and fun! And then he takes us to stylishly cool, with that stunning (alligator I think) jacket with white fur peeking out.

This grey shirt kind of makes me rethink my position on frills- it actually looks nice here! And outfit on the left- thats just classic.

Tisci's evening collection was just goooooorgeous. I love all the drapings of the fabric and how the dresses manage the models to look elegant and gorgeous without showing much skin at all (as most evening wear are). Sigh, I just ADORE the white dress with the structured top and swirl with the flowy skirts!
One thing I didn't like about this collection was the leopard print bit and the more casual bits that one expects to see in the RTW collection.

While I love the idea of how the Chanel Haute Couture show was held outdoors on a garden pathway at the Parc de Saint Cloud (you should check out the video for more on the whole backdrop) I have mix feelings about the collection. At some points, I want to applaud Lagerfeld's genius and at others, I wonder what he's thinking.
The whole collection focused on detailings on the side seams of the outfits, which is probably why the outfits look so flat on picture. But I do like the idea of putting the details elsewhere and I can see how outfits like these two here would look exquisite in reality. Note also how the thigh high boots from last season remains prominent on the runway.
Maybe its the head thingy that is distracting my vision, but these two outfits just don't look very flattering. Although the one on the left is certainly water proof...These are the times when I'm wonder what he's thinking, and that maybe its just me whose being too conservative and not fashion forward thinking enough to see beyond the obvious.
And these are the times when I want to give him a standing ovation, because I just LOVE these two dresses. I can just imagine how the black dress will flow so beautifully in three dimension as the wearer walks and turn. And the white dress is just glamorous!
Again, love the elegant navy blue dress and wondering what is going on with the mesh materials and the feathers.
I can actually imagine some starlet wearing this dress on the left on the red carpet. Without the head thingy, it'll look gorgeous. But that white feathered wedding dress is just beyond me. I can't imagine anyone wearing it willingly to their wedding... even if it IS Chanel!
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